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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 24, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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our own dan springer, who is a washington-based correspondent will be on scene for us momentarily. we're expect agnus conference as well as we pause for our stations to join news just a moment up and done the line across -- good afternoon from fox news in new york. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news coverage of seattle, washington, just north of there, a gunman has opened fire in a high school cafeteria, according to local reports. the seattle times is reporting as many as seven people have been shot and our local station, fox 13, kcpq, for the seattle area is reporting at least three people are dead, including, i'm told, the gunman, who died of a self-inflicted wound. these are live pictures from komo, and we appreciate it. students are staging outside the school. they've begun to take these stunts away from the school in school buses, and they're taking them to a local church where
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parents can come pick them up. the local school district had just cancelled all afterschool activities and it's our understanding police are still going door-to-door in this expansive school in marysville, washington, trying to make sure that there is no accomplice in there. but the word from authorities is they believe there was a lone gunman and that gunman is dead. marysville is a city of about 62,000 people. this high school, marysville pilchuck high school, with about 3,000 students, and here's the location on the map on the wall. the first call went out 10:45 this morning, pacific daylight time, and according to local reports there were -- the police started a news conference. >> we're still clearing the building at the school. >> we have seen people airlifted out. [inaudible question] >> that is possible but we are not confirming that yet. we have not received that information from the command
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post. >> are you confident there's. one single shoot center. >> yes, we are. >> where did this happen? >> i don't have that information yet. >> where are you in the process of -- >> i don't know where our officers are at that this point. they are clearing the building. we are confident there was only one shooter and that the shooter is deceased. we need to clear each building and make sure that's the case. [inaudible question] >> we'll do that very meticulously. it will be a very slow process because we still are evacuating students. that campus has multiple buildings and we go from one building to the next. >> once the shoots were fired, was there a lockdown? what happened inside? >> at this point i have not had any contact with the school district so i am not sure exactly what they did if the with process. >> how many were injured. >> right now there's one deceased and that's the shooter.
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[inaudible question] >> we do not know that yet. >> the shooter was a student, correct. [inaudible question] >> i have no information about where it started. i'm still trying to gather that information but i wanted to make sure i got here for you at noon. [inaudible question] >> i do not know. >> do you have information about what prompted -- >> i don't have any motive at all. odd. [inaudible question] >> i don't have that yet. don't know that. [inaudible question] >> it's a student. and don't know it's a male. >> we heard there was communication shortly -- with a church -- i don't have it -- we're not confirming that yet because we're trying to secure a facility at this point. [inaudible question] >> i don't know what this student count is at mp. [inaudible question] >> what law enforcement agencies are involved. >> it's multiple agencies.
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i know that obviously marysville is the lead agency, the sheriff's office. i believe arlington and lake stevens also responded. [inaudible question] >> we got notification from somebody on campus. and that was shortly before -- actually 10:40 this morning. >> does marysville normally have a police officer in the school -- >> yes, we do have a school resource officer located on campus. >> was that person there? >> die not know that. -- i do not know that. >> typical for they're -- their assignment -- >> definitely. >> can you explain how police found out. >> we received a 9-1-1 call from somebody on campus that was reporting the shots. >> a student, teacher. >> i don't know that. >> parents being asked not to come directly to the school. what would you like parents and other people to know at this time? >> we do ask parents to please stay away. it's an active situation.
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we need to make sure it's safe and secure. as soon as we learn where that unification spot will be -- i know that students are being bussed away and as soon as i learn where that reunification spot will be i will let you now so we can get that out to parents. please, don't go to the campus. that really, really makings things difficult for our officers. >> are you certain there's only one shooter. >> at this point we feel comfortable but we have not cleared the entire building yet, so there is a possibility but we dent believe so. >> why were students coming out hands up. >> i don't have any informing about what is going on at the school. those are questions i can get from the command center. i just wanted to get this basic information out. [inaudible question] >> mostly for security. we want to make sure that they don't have any weapons on them when they're coming out towards our officers. so it is a safety situation. >> can you explain the standard protocol when you get a call
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like this? what are the steps? >> well, the incident really dictates that. it's not a black some white lineal thing. definitely when we get those kind of calls, all officers are going to respond to the active situation immediately. and that where we start. from there, whatever is taking place will dictate what we do from there. >> we heard that you had recently conducted some sort of drill or -- at pilchuck high school. is that true? >> it's possible. i do not know if the s.w.a.t. team has done that. >> the truth is the fbi is in, local investigators are in, and the authorities are working to clear the last few rooms inside the school. there has been a lot of reporting on this, this afternoon. some just confirmed by authorities, and we made some news as well. we now know that police say the gunman, or the person who did the firing, was a student. this particular spokesperson said he didn't know if it was male or female but earlier
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reports from law enforcement that this was a male. we did know is whether this was someone from outside the school or a student or someone else, and now we know, according to the authorities, the shooter was a student. happened at -- the first 9-1-1 call on this happened at 10:45 this morning. pacific time. so 1:45 here on the east coast. and we know of a number of students taken to area hospitals. one taken to a regional trauma center with a gunshot wound, some tweets have come in from inside the school and this one from ray 21. one of the kids in the lunchroom started firing at everybody. there were questions whether this was in the lunchroom or out. students are indicating it was in the lunchroom and this particular child, katy, says i was lit'llly right there. have -- literally right there. having a straight pan county attack says another. taylor saying, thank god i left right before. that extent of what we have been able to get on twitter and otherwise from inside the school. we can tell you at some point
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soon we're expecting law enforcement on scene to be able to give us a little more information. clearly they're not as in good communication as they might be on a normal day because this is far from that. we'll have updates throughout the afternoon on this fox station and on fox news channel on satellite and cable. our coverage continues now. >> for this with us on fox news channel we were just letting our local stations have the information we had and that live news conference from police. what we can confirm is a number of students shot, shooter is fade authorities are working out to figure out mo did this and why and make sure all the kids are as safe as they can be. steve harrigan is watching with me. these things are mighty tough to get a happen on in the early going. >> that's right. the police confirming some facts but leaving a lot of questions open. confirming just one dead person at the scene. that's the shooter, who was a student. no word on whether that is a
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male or female, no word on motive either. all this taking place just about an hour and a half ago, either in or around that cafeteria. a number of students, how many we don't know yet -- wore wounded, many taken to hospital, and this is a scene still in flux. police still at this moment, an hour and a half after the shooting began, still clearing parts of the large campus. marking the doors with tape of build little cleared. parents being warned are not a to come to the campus but instead a reunification point for parents and children. still yet to be set up at this point. again, one dead. several students wounded. not clear how seriously those wounded, and many students being evacuated from the school still no clear point where they're going to meet, rendevous, with their very worried parents at this point. >> we have been watching the bus goes to a nearby church and seems like the communication that is happening organically, most likely over social media. showing you tape.
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from every report we have the police were there in seconds. you can see at the top of the screen where the ambulance gathered in front marysville pilchuck high school, and they've done a remarkable job keeping the kids calm. i want to give you an idea about the school itself. i mixed they have about 3,000 students in a town of 62,000. and it's a sprawling campus, as i've been saying. a number of buildings growing on top of each other in the mid of a residential neighborhood. you football tonight. no football in the entire snohomish county system and throughout the school district. a lot of the kids have been taken to the baseball and softball complex off campus. the location of this, marysville is just north of seattle. snohomish county, some great skiing up there, and just a horrible afternoon now for parents and students. we're expecting to learn a little bit more about the shooter in the minutes ahead, as
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authorities have told us indeed that the shooter is a student. earlier police reports indicated the student -- the person who did the shooting was a male, so that's about as this point all we have. kcpq fox 13 in seattle is working to get new information. >> i still have sources telling me they think there are six victims that were injured in this shooting. so he wouldn't confirm that but they do that out of a sense opropriety. they don't want to overly panic parents. they're contacting those who have kids who are injured. they don't want to create a mass panic. people are trying to get to the scene, trying to get to the high school. as a parent that's your first instinct, is my kid okay? but sounds like they're under control and not worried about another shoot are ore more danger at the school. the questions now will be, why did this happen again? what could we have done to stop this, and where does the investigation go from here? and so, you're going to have a
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lot of resources on the scene. wouldn't surprise me to see the marysville chief or the snohomish sheriff or a member of the fbi join them for the press conference at 1:30. >> the shooter walked interest the cafeteria at marysville pilchuck high school and opened fire. reports of as many as six injuries in total. reports of three dead. although that has not been confirmed by police. so that was a number of report wes had seen earlier. police a moment ago saying one person is dead. that person is the shooter, who apparently opened fire inside the cafeteriad a marysville pilchuck high school. we know a number of victims have been transported to hospitals, but because they have been transported to different hospitals, it's difficult to get an exact number on how many people were injured here, and how many people could be dead. so, as we understand this and as we gather the information, we'll continue to bring it to you as we monitor a number of sources. >> and i think in just the next
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few days here, it's going to be interesting to learn more about the motive for this five. like we hear that's lot. we see these school shootings a lot. sometimes the motive sounds very much alike. but this one, of course, will also be interesting to figure out what motivated this student to walk into this cafeteria and open fire. also here, the police saying that the school did have a resource officer on campus. so it's not like -- they had a resource officer on campus. they had regular active shooter drills. so it's not like they weren't -- they were completely oblivious sounds luke they were prepared. >> in this day and age it would be difficult to operate a school and not be aware of the rash of shootings in the country or our state. we have seen several in the northwest over the past many months, and i can tell you also, president obama has been advised
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of the shooting at marysville pilchuck high school, and we do expect some sort of a statement from him at some point on that. want to give you another heads-up. this for folks who may have just tuned in. if you have a student that attends marysville pilchuck high school, please know that parents do not go to the high school. go to shuttes church at the corner of 115th and 51st. the buses are taking students there to be reunited with parents, and as you can imagine that scene has been flooded with parents, very anxious parents, on cell phones -- >> everybody trying to get information about where their kids are. we have been hearing from a number of parents this afternoon, one of them is a guy named jerry who has two kidness the school and has been talking to his kid biz cell phone. both are fine himself said his son, adam, a freshman, and his
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daughter, senior. they have been calling him this morning, and i'm quoting now, daddy, daddy, herry, somebody is chuting, please come. he said his son ran and hid outside in the field by the stadium. he was in stanwood at the time and said, quote, probable live did 100-miles-an-hour to get there i didn't stopor anything mitchell heart went into my stomach. police are speaking again. >> parents can go to meet their children. that is the shultes gospel church at 116th street and 51st avenue. [inaudible question] >> the reunification spot is the shultes gospel church at 116th 116th street and 51st 51st avenue. shoul -- >> for any watching from the seattle area, tune to your local. more tweets have come out. these are from before but we have been able to cull them together. i can't believe what i just saw. every single person is on their
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phone right now. a lot of them calling their parents. we're still in class. and i can't believe this is happened, which is the case with most, including or seattle-based correspondent, who works at our pacific northwest bureau, dan springer, who is live on scene. what are you seeing? >> i'm being held five blocks from the school. i'm trying to walk to the church they just mentioned where students are being reunited with their parents, but it's a chaotic scene here. we're hearing helicopters up above. one thing i did hear and the monitor in the local mean media was from mother who talked to her son also right after this happened and she said something interesting. the said there had been a fight at the school yesterday. now, we're north going know motive for some time, but that was one thing that came out of a quick conversation between one of the students inside and also her parents. we heard from eye witness accounts who said the guy, a student who walked into the
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cafeteria, opened fire on one table, and then turned the gun on himself. so, we also heard from the trauma center, which is harborview, the medical center where the most seriously wounded would be taken, and initially the reports from "seattle times" two people were airlifted. now they're expecting just one. so possibly four going to providence hospital in everett, and one being taken to harborview. shep? >> thanks very much, dan springer, working over to the church. we're getting so many different reports, "the salt times" local stations. for now we'll stick with what the police told us. we're confident they can give us up to date information as soon as they have it. the picture on the screen now, students are still gathering. the police have been -- we have been watching as the scenes have come in, and streaming, online, and some from the local television stations they've been
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searching these kids and trying to make sure that everyone gets to the right place. the chaos that follows these situations is very difficult to manage, and the visuals have suggested that in marysville, snohomish, they have done as good a job at anybody might be able to. just trying to keep the calm. i don't have to tell you how kids can get excited over the littlest things and this one has certainly given them reason for great concern and fear, and today they have all been in a great place. it has look like, considering all they've been through. there are police officers with guns around their necks trying to escort these kids to where they need to be. latest word i've gotten, they have not completed the school search but it is all but complete. so often authorities -- one group goes in and checks every room, marks it with tape, and then t they go back in and check it again for sure. sounds like they're sure 0 to
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the degree that is possible, there's no longer a problem here no further violence to come, that the one shooter who committed this act is dead, and what dan springer heard on scene is something we have been seeing in a number of different accounts and that is that this gunman, who had initially been described as walking into the -- in the cafeteria and -- lunchroom, they call it, and spraying the place. we're getting more particular reports it doesn't sound like that was as accurate as it could be. the latest reporting we're getting is that he fired on one table. and this news there had been a fight yesterday is not new to us. whether it's connected is another matter. if this could have been revenge over an event that happened yesterday, it's possible but the yet.e don't know yet so we lots of different reporting from lots of people who were in there suggested he might have been
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firing at one table, just as our correspondent, dan springer, expressed. we know they have a school resource officer there from the police department. we heard that from the marysville pd. we don't know how quickly the school resource officer was able to intervene in this thing. you have seen -- you see the map of the school there in the center of the wall, on the left side you see the map of the area, on the right side the pictures of the school, and in the middle this sprawling campus. football field is obviously 100 yards long and the school is maybe twice that. so if you have a school resource officer in there depends on where he is and how quickly they would be able to get there. certainly police arrived in droves, almost immediately, and they had been streaming in for a long time. first lunch had not gun there as far as we can tell. if you look at their schedule of things around there, first lunch doesn't begin until a little before 11:00. the first call on this was at 10:45 a.m. pacific daylight
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time. so must have happened in the short mints before that. it's our snubbing that students called 9-1-1 and i've seen agent or ten reports every student was on a phone. so they allow you to keep your phones. some do, some don't. but clearly a lot of parents were talking to kids along the way, and law enforcement was hearing from those kids as -- students as well. here a group coming out with hands in the air. a familiar sight. this sort of thing, according to police i, is as much to make everyone around them feel comfortable as anything else. so, you have been through such a traumatic event, your friends and fellow students have been shot. and one of your fellow students at least is dade and he shot your friends. to see everybody with their hand nets air is just to give people comfort. not they're worried about anything knee. they just want everybody who has been through trauma to be more comfortable. new information. >> only believe there's one shooter in this case, and that
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shooter is dead. so as far as danger to the public goes, there is none of that at this point. of course there's still a chaotic situation, trying figure out injuries and the latest situation over there. >> okay. hannah, thank you. stay on the -- standby there and we'll check back with you in a bit as officials gather their -- >> actually now i'm looking at the school bulletton, and first launch began at 10:25 this morning, on this friday, october 24th. first lurch from 1:25 10:25 to 10:55 and there were a total of 60 students scheduled to be in there and those are the numbers wehave been getting. so during the first lunch period. they have one, two -- two different lunch periods that -- they split the school in halfs. the first lunch period was on its way to ending as up of this went down. we don't know what kind of
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weapon this student used. we don't know what the student's motive might have been. police have still not given us an idea about whether -- what that scene was like inside put we can only imagine as more students now with their hands in the air is something that has become all too familiar to us over the years. you wonder what it is that can push a child to get into this position. i'm sure they'll be lots of second-guessing, lots of people asking, what did we miss? what could we have done? the truth is we have come to this moment and they're doing the belles they can now to keep -- the best they can to keep students calm and make sure nothing else bad happens, get everybody home. they cancelled all events, all afterschool events for the school and the entire snohomish district, and at this moment, that is the update we have. more tweets have been coming in from students. i can't believe i just witnessed that. jordan, never would have thought
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he would have been the one to do something like this. so the kids obviously already know who this is. they looked at him. never thought it would happen here. nobody ever does. being 0 feet away this scariest thing i've been through. imagine that, from r hogan, who tweeted this out ten minutes ago. got figure by now he is in a place you can look back, and he just can't believe it happened. the students clearly know who this was. he shot himself right there in front of them. inside the school cafeteria, and at some point the police will give us the details. steve harrigan, sometimes the details are just too much. you've know what happened and our difficult it will be for so marsh of them. >> one point you have been getting at underscoring really is the way these students appear to be exiting the school. in pretty much lock-step, marching, walking, hands up. this is a school that does have a policeman, a police security officer in the school. this is also a school of 3,000
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students, which has gone through shooter drills. so when you look at the visuals of them marching out, hands up, it's striking to see how orderly this process is. probably a sad testament to the commonplace or the multiple things like this that have happened in the past to to see this orderly exit. you praises the quick response. both in the police and fbi and s.w.a.t. teams on then scene almost immediately. now a center has been set up at a church for parents to reunite, but really i'm struck by the difference in the way these students are walking out than what we have seen before. if you go back to columbine, the frenzied panic run of students out of the building. this is a school that has seen shootings before, a school that is prepared for them, with shooter training drills, school that has had a police officer in the school, and it just -- it's sort of a sad commentary that this has become routine or
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orderly. >> it is. but i remember after the attack at columbine high school, as authorities across the nation were working with federal authorities to try to get some training in. sad to say that the kids -- the schools need this training, but they did, and they trained across the nation for how to evacuate, how do so-so safely and calmly, and it's hands in the air was a big part of it all. for one thing to make law enforcement officers know they're not in danger from these people, but for more than anything else, just so the kid will say that person can't hurt me. the hurting part is over. new information from komo, your network nurse service affiliate, reporting the fire alarm went off during the shooting, as a result -- really big school no way to know from one side what is happening on the other. so the fire alarm went off and everybody went into their classrooms and huddled in police waiting for direction and a neighbor says some students evacuated on their own. we have been reading these
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tweets from a lot of different student whose were there, and one of them is a guy named jordan who said he never would have thought he would have been the one to -- this particular kid would have been the one to do something like this. also said, wow, can't believe i just witnessed that. he is on the line with us now from the marysville area. how are you doing, luke? >> i'm doing good. >> where were and you what happened? >> i was about two tables down and he came up from behind the kids at the table, and pulled out a gun and fired six bullets. i heard the first one, and wasn't sure what it was. then i heard four more. and i heard people start screaming, and we all dropped to the ground, and he looked at me and a girl named harley, and then as i was -- as he was
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turning around and shot outside, and then he shot more bullets outside, and by then, probably 30, 40 people, are running to the fence to get off the campus, and that where is the church is, and we all hopped the fence then, and we got picked up out by the church. and i believe it was about a nine millimeter gun that he was shooting. >> jordan luton on the line with us, a freshman at the school. jordan, wayne to go back to the beginning. where was this student? did he come into the cafeteria? was he there part of first lunch. >> he was part of the lunch, and it was just as he was walking in. >> so he is walking in for lunch and i guess he had the gun in his hand or a backpack or something? >> i think he was carrying it in
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his backpack through the day and came in with it in his hand. >> did he walk to a specific table or did he just begin firing indiscriminately or how would you describe that? >> i i'm going to guess he went up to a certain table. >> you saw that? >> yes. >> you knew the kids at the table. >> i knew a few of them. >> did he say anything? >> he didn't say thing. >> just pulled out the gun and started firing. >> yeah. he came out from behind them. >> did it look like he was firing at people in particular? i mean, did he shoot at one and then another and then another? was he just firing wildly? >> looked like he was firing at people in particular, because he knows them. >> we heard something about a fight yesterday. >> i'm not sure if he had a fight yet or what but he seemed pretty normal yesterday. >> tell me about this -- what age was this shooter and what do you know about him? >> he is a freshman at our
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school. he played on the freshman football team with me. and i know that he is pretty good kid all around until now, and would have never expected it from him. >> so you played on the freshman football team with him. you're obviously still playing. yesterday, no problems, hadn't rackedded like there was anything wrong today, just all of a sudden? >> yeah. >> wow. >> surprised all of us. >> i guess. so he starts firing at the table. i'm guessing kids are scattering and he just continues? >> yeah. he probably fired six shots inside and then probably three or four more outside. >> he walked outside the cafeteria or fired out the window? >> um, i'm not sure -- i think he start walking outside as he was shooting. >> is in anybody confronting system how long did this go on, jordan, or just a crazy
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situation. >> the shooting was probably bat minute long, around that. i know of a few victims who were shot. one for sure, not sure about the other two. just what i've heard. >> did anybody try to stop him? were there teachers or school resource officers or police or anyone around at the time? >> there are teachers in the cafeteria. i thick it caught them by surprise so there wasn't anything they could do. >> jordan, as you're leaving out of there, i just wonder, if police had confronted him, when he took his life or do you know how that went down? >> um, i'm not sure whether or not he took his life away before the cops confronted him or while it was going on, but it went on pretty quick, and we're all off -- all getting off campus, i'm
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pretty sure. >> so, as he's walking around shooting -- it guess on for a minute. think of it. a minute is a long time. he never said anything? did anyone say anything to him? >> no. everyone was just screaming and crying. >> and trying to get out of there. >> yeah. >> can you tell me what you know about this shooter who he is and what his deal was? >> um, i know he was part of the few -- tulalip tribe, always been a pretty good kid, pretty good friends with him. he was a pretty good athlete. and i don't know what was going through his head. pretty good kid. no one expected it. >> had you known him to have weapons before or show violent streaks before? >> i know he has gotten in a
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fight -- some fights like. >> kids get interest fights. what kind of fights? >> like, he got in a fight before football practice one day. >> recently? >> yeah. maybe a week or two ago. >> uh-huh. what was that about? >> the kid said something racist about natives, and he stuck up for them, and -- but i dent know itself was really worth it for him to do that or not. >> have you known him to have a weapon? >> um, i know he has hunted before. i'm not -- like hunting weapons, i ain't sure if he carries one around. >> had he ever said to you anything threatening or suggested he was really upset about something? >> i know he just went through a breakup. like, and that's been hitting pretty hard.
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>> a breakup? >> yeah, with his girlfriend who he was dating for quite a while. i'm not sure. >> you mentioned he said when he had this fight, that someone had said something racist to him. he is a native american. i know there's a large native american population there. was that something that was a theme for him? >> i don't think he carried it on past that. >> jordan, i think what i'm trying to do is make sense out of something that doesn't make sense. know what i'm saying? trying to figure out why could this happen. >> i'm not sure. i just think he wasn't in his right mind. >> was he one to have a drink organize drug problem as -- drinking or drug problem? >> not that i know. >> from the time the was shooting everyone else to the time he decided to shoot himself, by then were are you gone? had you gotten out by then? >> i was gone by the time he shot himself. >> you were gone.
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>> yeah. >> how did you get out of there and how long did i can day you? >> probably took me maybe five minutes to get off campus. everyone was just in a dead sprint to get off the campus. and we all just hopped the fence. >> as he was shooting at people and people were running out of the building, was he sheeting at those trying to get away or shooting at specific people? >> i think he was shooting at some specific people at first and then shot randomly at the end. >> why do you think he would shoot at some specific people? >> i'm not sure why he would shoot at these people but i know there's one of them i heard he shot, and they were pretty good friends. >> he shot a good friend? >> yeah. and i think they're also in the same tribe, too. >> wow. what did your teach efforts or the law enforcement tell you --
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teachers or the law enforcement tell you as you're trying to get away to safety. >> i actually did not see any or hear anything. >> jordan, hang tough, my man. it's knife to talk to -- nice to talk to you. i i hope everything settles down. >> thank you good talking to you, to. >> jordan lu uton. a freshman in high school, he freshman buddy from the freshman football team, walked into the cafeteria, walked up to a table and started firing at particular people. looked to jordan like it was a nine millimeter. says he fired six or so shots and then fired more shots and looked to him like he was firing at particular people. had a fight a couple weeks ago. not sure if that connected but didn't say a word as he shot one after other. jordan says he takes off, gerts out of the building and eventually his classmate, the freshman in high school, shot and killed himself. as we so often here he was a --
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often hear he was a good kid. now a whole school is transform and a whole class is transformed from here on out. marysville, pilchuck high school. just north of seattle. a junior student who didn't hear all of this, frankie, peña, was coming throw it school and saw everybody freaking out and evacuating and knew something was wrong and is on the line with us now. how are you doing? >> good, how are you. >> i'm all right. do you know the shooter? >> yeah. i actually was pretty good friends with him. grew up with hill. i wrestled with him all of my life. >> jordan just told us he as would freshman. is that right. >> yes. >> he was an the freshman football team? >> yes. >> what was his problem? >> i have no idea. i would have never -- honestly i would have never expected it. >> jordan -- >> i don't think lot of people
12:38 pm
would have expected it, like, he is not that type of kid. >> frankie, i wouldn't expect this out anybody. >> yeah. >> but jordan told me recently he had a fight with somebody, and he didn't know if that was connected out all. was he one to get into argument width people or show a violent streak or not? >> i don't really -- i didn't really see him as intimidating kid or a threatening kid. >> big kid, little kid? >> he is a little kid. >> did he have attitude with beam or was he cool. >> he was kind of cool but if he didn't like you hurricane had an attitude. >> how would that attitude be displayed? >> just like not really -- kind of standoffish, wouldn't really talk to you. >> not like he would be up in your face. >> no. he would keep to himself. >> ever seen him with a gun before? >> no. never in my life. >> you sound like that's so far out of bounds done make sense. >> it really is. unless he was hunting or
12:39 pm
something, like i know his dad hundreds. i know he probably goes hunting with his dad but i would never see him a kid just have a gun like that. >> frankie, have you been told how this guy met his end? have you talked to any classmates in there? >> no, have not, actually. i have no idea what happened. i just was coming to school and saw a bunch of people jumping over the backgate, freining out and i was like, what the heck? something has to be wrong. and i stopped and everyone was like, please, please, take us out of here. somebody is shooting up the school. i was like, all right. then i got ute of there took them to a safe location and then we were talking about and it then i took them home, and then that was the end. i went back to my house. >> frankie peña on the line with us, junior at the school who was showing up for school late. frankie, take care of yourself, thank you. >> all right. thank you. , in. >> it's hard -- just hard to imagine -- i remember interviewing all -- so many
12:40 pm
children, students i should say, at columbine high school. everybody's memory was a little different of exactly what went down because all of a sudden you're in an absolutely ordinary position when you're in every single day of your life, and then all of a sudden, something that makes no sense is happening, and to hear it from jordan just a minute ago was chilling for me. he was just walking in for first lunch. had a gun in his hand already. jordan said he must have had it in this backpack all day, and just started fire at one table. over and over again. before he eventually killed himself. didn't say anything, according -- at least jordan didn't hear anything. didn't say a word, and nobody talked to him. they were screaming and trying to get out of the way, and at least as far as those students no, no idea why in the world this would happen as we hear almost every time, he was good kid. i never would have expected it. 2:13 reports, fox 13 news in the seattle area with continuing
12:41 pm
coverage. >> all the kids were saying, get away from the campus. we're like -- and all the people that were running. >> okay, so, we're not real familiar with the high school. maybe you can give us an idea on the geography of where this cafeteria is, because there are couple of them, from what i see, on the school map. there's a main cafeteria and an auxiliary run. where disthird happen on camp put? >> the big cafeteria was -- it was more by the forum. there's where the big -- the for you. is where the -- the forum is where the big open cement square where a fountain used to be. >> so would this be closer to -- the reason why i'm asking is because the one cafeteria appears to be very close to a parking lot, and the student
12:42 pm
center. is that the one? >> yes, that was the one. >> okay. and so when you left you literally left campus, climbed that fence and ran away. >> yes. >> okay. so, that is good insight as to where this happened. this was a pretty populated area. how many kids were in the cafeteria at the time? >> well, since it was half day, nose as many as normally. so, there was probably about maybe 50, maybe in that cafeteria. i saw -- then some people were probably eating outside. and i know you said that you were home-schooled at one point. the school year is still new. and you mentioned that you remember this student holding up signs for homecoming. is there anything -- without
12:43 pm
revealing the identity of the student, we don't want to say name right now on air -- is there anything else that sticks out to you about this student? >> well, my friend had a class with him before, before the lunch, and the girl that was running with me, and she said she felt like he was being all cautious and, like, quiet, and was always looking down, and, like -- yeah. >> any idea why he was -- aside from the fact he a paramountly was carrying -- apparently was carrying a concealed weapon. any reason why he would feel that way? anything happen to him or any indication of a rope why he would want to open fire? >> not that i know of. right now. they just say -- a lot of people saying rumors it was a native
12:44 pm
fight and that it was about a girl and stuff. >> we have been hearing that it was about a girl thing. that's right really no way to know yet why this student did what he did today. we've gotten reports -- i have reports from at lowe's a dozen students who were in there, all of them saying that he didn't say anything, that he acted with some sort of -- he was deliberate about if a actions. all kids said he seemed to be pointing at students in particular, not sort of at random. these are the stories coming to different media outlets from different children would were in the school at the time. so what we have been able to cobble together, when you have the same thing from so many different witnesses and they're in different location is give it a little more credence, and they're all saying he didn't say anything, he acted deliberately, he seemed to be targeting, and that eventually he went outside,
12:45 pm
fired some shots, and if there was a witness i'm sure there were witnesses to his suicide but if there were i haven't heard from them. we have been able to get information on some of the students in hospitals. and our information specialist, chris over here, has been pulling that together. >> so i just got off the phone with the spokeswoman for the providence regional medical center everett. she said four patients were brought in, one transferred to the harborview medical center in seattle. >> the level one trauma center and they do incredible work. >> she says, three are at providence regional medical center, they're all in surgery. they are all in critical condition, all three are young patients. 25 physicians responded. they have two heart surgeons two neurosurgeons, one chest surgeon, two trauma surgeons, one vascular surgeon, and 12er physicians on duty. they say that they are using all four of their trauma rooms and they are ready, prepared to
12:46 pm
handle situations like this. she says that they are level-2 trauma center, but they are well prepared for situations like this. and she says at 5:00 they'll be doing a media briefing. pacific daylight time. >> so 8:00 here on the east coast. thank you very much. at this point, we're just in a position where got a pretty good idea above what happened. don't know why, and we don't know how bad these stunts -- students are. word that three of them are critical is at very minimum disturbing. all four of their trauma rooms there at that level two trauma center underway, and there's another level one trauma center not very far away. one student taken there that suggests to us that student's injuries were extremely severe. no update on that situation except to say the gunman is fade there are multiple reports outside. steve harrigan, waiving along -- watching with us.
12:47 pm
the hoch is the information would get better and frank live it's gotten worse. >> that's right. just the fact as we know them right now, one dead, the shooter himself. a freshman at this high school where 3,000 students attended. three young students in critical condition, all of them in surgery. a lot of reunions going on right now between parents and children at a nearby church. the president has been informed. fbi-county sheriff's office, multiple police departments-all working, this case. one striking thing, though, from your interview with the eye witness, these are -- this was a freshman witness to a freshman shooter. probably 14 or 15-year-old boys we're talking about. and it really shows how the wounds and the trauma goes beyond just those shot or wounded. in this event. just to hear that 14-year-old say, he is in the cafeteria. he watches his friend walk in with a pistol, and start firing and the shooter looked at him and then turned away and
12:48 pm
continued firing. you could hear that trauma in this voice. so you get the sense that beyond the physical victims, this is going to be a lot of parents and all those children in that school who are really going to have to deal with something very difficult for some time to come. >> steve, i've covered so many of them and i know you have, too, going back -- i mentioned luke woodham at pearl high school in mississippi and then one in little rock, columbine, and one after another. the reputation, he was such a good kid ircan't believe this happened. it's astounding how the stories are so similar. not from columbine but the rest of them. >> and heartbreaking and agonizing, too, and just a really nationwide worry, where, for anyone who has children, you're terrified. you think you're in -- you have a nice house in a nice suburb, send your kids to school, and it's someone who is a friend,
12:49 pm
who seems normal, who is on the football team and is only probably 14 years old. and commits homocide in a cav tier a. you can just see the stuns look on parents and children. it's shooks everybody. there's no explanation whether it was a fight or girl or -- these people are just shaken right now beyond belief, even those whose children were not physically damaged. >> i was think about jordan who has seen things that most adults have never had to witness, and they've got a lot to go through in the weeks and months ahead and it's not going to be easy. >> he started off by telling you, how are you, jordan? he said, well, i'm fine but the more you listened to him the more you heard his voice shake to be 14, to be on a friday at
12:50 pm
school, perhaps before a big football game tonight, or tomorrow, and then to be suddenly on the floor of your cafeteria, looking at gunman in the eye, that's something no 14-year-old should have to go through and that's something he had to go through. he is not shot or wounded but will carry that with him the rest of his life. >> you can't watch your friends die like that. dan springer works washington, the pacific northwest for us. and he is live on scene for us this afternoon. dan, have you been able to get anymore information there? >> i'm sorry. let's go to rachel shepard, her son is gavin shepard, a senior. mrs. shepard, are you on the line with us? >> yes. >> how is he doing? >> it's pretty chaotic here. i'm just about to the church where they are staging the pickup location. >> that's where your son is --
12:51 pm
>> yes, i'm, like -- i can't see him yet but i don't -- i can't see the church yet, but they have police in the roadway and they're just at a standstill. we're creeping along. i just want to go and get my son. >> i don't blame you. have you been able to speak to him? >> i have. he said that he was safe and he is not going to to band competition tomorrow in everett. his musical instrument is to in- is in the classroom. so things that are going to definitely not happen because of this. his car is still at the school. all his other belongings and the saxophone and clarinet are there, and -- >> well, mrs. shepard, i wish you and that entire community all the best and thank you so much. the news as we know it, the gunman, believed to be a freshman in the high school, in the cafeteria, shot up a number
12:52 pm
of his classmates. the gunman is dead. the others all listed in critical condition. updates immediately as soon as they come in. first there's breaking news now. new york city police and the mayor of new york holding a news conference. you may have heard about a hatchet attack that happened yesterday. investigators working to find out why a man attacked police officers with hatchet in burrough of queens, new york. they're looking to see exactly what this was all about. let's listen in. >> bravery and skill in taking down an individual who was intent on killing them, and also rendering first aid immediately to their fallen comrade. as many of you already know, but yesterday afternoon, thursday afternoon, at the intersection of jamaica avenue and 162nd 162nd street in the 103 not precinct in sequence, four police officers were the victims
12:53 pm
of a unprovoked attack. as the officers were standing together, dale thompson, 32-year-old blackmail, charge -- black male charged the officers with hatchet in his hand stretchedie depicts his intend. it took seven seconds. the tucked injured two officers, win one on the head, officer ken neglect -- kenneth heely, in a great deal of pain. as she suspect continues his assault this remaining two officers then fire numerous times upon the armed suspect who was charging at them, and he fell to the ground. the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. 29-year-old bystander, half a block away, was accidentally struck by a bullet in her lower
12:54 pm
back. she is in jamaica hospital, analysis critical but stable condition. in the last 24 hours the department has mounted a very significant join investigation by our detective bureau, counterterrorism and intelligent bureaus and the joint terrorism task force. they have been working tirelessly overnight, interviewing witnesses and conducting searches, attempting to gather as much information as they can about the suspect and we appeal to the public today, anybody that has any information about this individual, we would appreciate their contacting us to share that information. we're going through quite a bit of evidentiary materials as a result of search waynessss that have been are -- search warrants and this is an active investigation. near what i describe as the preliminary stages. we're in a position to make preliminary findings. and we are working close live with our partners at the fbi and with the joint terrorism task
12:55 pm
force. a lot more work to be done and at this point i'd like the chief of detectives to give an overview of what we have learned since yesterday and where we are going with the continuing investigation. >> afternoon. pursuant to the attack on a police officer, queens detectives were able to high sail hear bert thompson -- herbert thompson as the perpetrator of the severe attack on two police officers. during that assault, this blue hatchet, tool, was recovered from his person. hi was still hanging on it to when the was declared -- pronounced doa at the scene. through the night we were able to identify different aspects of his life through this fingerprints. we found out that he has six prior arrests in oxnard, california in 2003 and 2004,
12:56 pm
mostly for domestic history him has no new york arrests thus far we have been able to find. his only nypd contact when he was a victim of a assault when he was 16 years old in 1998. he was discharged from the military after the years in involuntary discharge. we're still investigating what happened there as well. preliminarily the tell us it was part of drugs, may have been under the influence of drugs weapon did two search warrants on the overnight one at his residence. we're able to speak to family members. the other one at his mother's residence in queens and nearby where the attack occurred. we found out he was a convert to islam, actually two years ago. he has been described by family members as a recluse and by his other family members he was depressed lately. we got a significant amount of evidence to examine right now. cell phones, computer
12:57 pm
towers-laptops, and these two items to my right, you'll see these recovered from his residence, a weaponized axe, with both sides as a weapon, and also a very large hunting knife as well. this is where we stan right now in the investigation. we were able to go up on his social media sites as well and found some antigovernment postings; we'ring and that material right now. it's ongoing detectives are going through the computers to find other evidence as welch that's what i have right now. we would encourage anybody who knows this individual to -- >> those are the facts a we know them, and the question here from the beginning has been, do authorities believe this is terrorism-related? here's what we have just learned. the facts as given to us by police. the man had an axe, he didn't have a record in new york. the last thing is when we was 16 years old 68 he had been in the military since 2003, released involuntary. chief said it might have
12:58 pm
something to do with drugs. most recently they found on his social media sites some antigovernment stuff and in the last two years he has converted to islam. so those are the dots on the page. can we connect them? jonathan hunt is live in our new york city newsroom. it's coming together. >> well, what the cops have been looking at ever since this terrible attack yesterday is a lot of the social media that zale thompson was involved in, in particular a facebook page. on that page we have seen several rants there, antiamerican, they talk about attacking america at home and they talk about the need for, as let eh puts it, street war. they do not at any point that we are aware of mention any direct links to any groups. they don't even talk about isis or al qaeda, for instance, as far as we have seen. now, mayor bill deblasio
12:59 pm
described this as, quote, vicious attack by a very troubled individual. so what cops seem to be saying right now, shep, errings that this man was in some way disturbed as you would have to be, to launch any kind of axe attack on the streets of new york against nypd officers. he may have had some antigovernment feelings. he may in some ways have been inspired by terrorist act head has seen all over the media as we all have. but they simply do not know defebruaritive answers. >> we just heard from police that they believe this man was, quote, self-directed and self-radicalized. they have no indication of any connection to al qaeda or anyone else. they believe he acted alone. when with an axe he attacked new york city police officers. that from new york. and from marysville, washington, it appears now from all the facts we have been able to gather, freshman in high school walked into the cav cafeteria
1:00 pm
today and shot classmates before he shot and killed himself. two investigations very much in the making. i'm shepard smith in new york. when news breaks out, we'll break in. "your world" is coming up. >> thank you, shepard. its happened again but we still don't why. he was a freshman at marysville pilchuck high school, a big high school. 2500 students. today witnesses say that the alleged shooter walked into school with a gun, fired on a table full of students in the to cav tiera. police say at least one person is dead. reports of at least three others injured. one perhaps critically. officials confirm thing -- confirming the shooter is a student, appears to be a freshman. we're hearing that president obama has been briefed on this latest shooting. students who have been evacuated are now being reunited with their parents. it's been that kind of day.


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